Have you already tried our concentrated flavours?

Concentrated vaping flavours are essentially food fragrances made and adapted for the vaping process.  

On our website, you can find many flavours to play with and create an excellent and exquisite liquid.  

Only quality and additives-free products to give you a new vaping experience. Just taste and enjoy!  

From vapers for vapers!

Fruity Concentrated Flavours: fancy and succulent! 

From strawberry to coconut, from cherries to kiwi… for every season a different aroma.

The best fruity concentrated flavours for electronic cigarettes: from the most classic single fruit varieties, to original and terrific combinations, for a personalized and super tasty vape. The best you can find online! 

Fruity concentrated flavours for ecigs: only high quality raw materials

All our electronic cigarette flavours are available in 10ml format, totally Made in Italy and they are without conservatives or chemicals that are bad for your health! 

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VAPR. Nana Shake 20ml
tobacco flavours

Tobacco concentrated flavours: sweet or dry, aromatic or organic!  

Our tobacco flavours for electronic cigarettes range from dry and pungent notes to those combined with sweet flavours or more intense tastes!

These are flavours that come closest to the original tobacco taste by offering stronger savours.

VAPR tobacco flavours: only quality products

All our tobacco oncentrated flavours for electronic cigarettes are available in 10ml format, 100% Made in Italy products, with no additives or chemicals that are bad for your health!

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Creamy concentrated flavours: classic and consistent!

From vanilla to hazelnut, also combined with tobacco: notes of sweetness and density!

Our creamy concentrated flavours for electronic cigarettes: traditional, robust and delicious flavours. Evergreens but constantly evolving to find the right aroma for all vapers!

Creamy concentrated flavours 100% Made in Italy

All our creamy flavours for electronic cigarettes are available in 10ml format, all Made in Italy with no additives or chemicals that are bad for your health!

discover them!
VAPR. Nana Shake 20ml

How to dilute and use our concentrated flavours?

If you like to prepare and create your own eliquid, once you have chosen your favourite concentrated flavour, you will need to dilute it in neutral bases (VG+PG) with or without nicotine.  

The recommended percentage of concentrated flavour to dilute is between 10% and 15% and has a maturation time of 24/48 hours.  

A too high percentage of concentrated aroma will generate a too intense or unpleasant flavour. On the other hand, a too low percentage will produce a weak and unaccentuated flavour. We recommend you use a medium-low percentage at first and then gradually increase it to eventually find your right balance.  

It is important to always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label  

High quality vapeshots aromas for every kind of vapers

VAPR. flavours are sold in a box with a simple instruction manual, product description and contents in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Greek.  

All VAPR. products are 100% Made in Italy, Diacetyl Free, with no chemicals, additives or sweeteners. They are produced with USP / food grade ingredients and the highest pharmaceutical grade and quality nicotine.