Have you already tried our creamy flavored vapeshot series?

Creamy flavored vape shots that will make you fall in love with them. They will become your all day eliquids. Perfect for everyday. Great for your health!

Vapr. Vapeshots are made with high quality raw materials and without chemical additives, to let you discover a new vaping experience. Just a good taste without additives!

From vapers for vapers!

VAPR. Green Delight aroma scomposto da 20ml

Green Delight: Sweet and fluffy pistachio cream!

Homemade pistachio cream made from unsalted pistachios and fresh milk.

A sweet and delicate vape juice, perfect for relaxing after a long drive.

You will feel like being in Sicily, admiring the landscape and tasting the gastronomic delicacies.

Green Delight: Creamy e-juice for electronic cigarettes

Green Delight is available in the format 20ml longfill e-liquid and as all our e-cig flavors it is free from chemical additives, which might be harmful for your health.

Nana Shake: Delightful banana cream

Beautifully tender ripe bananas, chopped and mixed with a cream made using fresh milk.

A light dessert that will help you slow down after a long day at work.

You will have a hard time resisting to the fluffy vape clouds, that will trick your taste buds into believing you are having a banana milkshake.

Nana Shake: Creamy longfill e-cig liquid

Available in the 20ml vape shot format. As all our e-cig flavors, Nana Shake does not contain any chemical additives, which are harmful for your health.

VAPR. Nana Shake 20ml
aroma cremoso per sigaretta elettronica

Nutty Custard: A delightful vanilla and hazelnut custard cream!

A creamy vanilla custard mixed with toasted hazelnuts.

The real fall flavor perfect for rainy days when a little bit of extra flavor can help you fight the boredom.

Your vape clouds will taste like a cream that you have never tried before!

Nutty Custard: fuity vapeshot flavour for your ecig

Nutty Custard is available in 20ml vapeshot. Like all our electronic cigarettes flavours is without any chemical additives to protect your health!

Vapeshot Vapr. flavours’ details

VAPR. Vapeshots are sold in a box containing using instructions and products details in: italian, english, spanish, french, german and greek.

All VAPR products are 100% Made in Italy, Diacetyl free, without any chemical additive or sweetener. They are produced with USP / food grade ingredients and the highest pharmaceutical grade and quality nicotine.