Made for an high quality vaping experience…

Vapr and VooPoo decided to create this wonderful pack with to reach the best vaping quality we could. The high quality of our E-liquids is now combined with the high quality hardware of VooPoo Drag X Pro ecig.

Your vaping experience would be perfect now!

basi neutre sigaretta elettronica 50-50

Pack e-cig kit with e-liquid

Not only to give it as a gift to someone you care about, but also to treat yourself! This vaping pack combines the high quality electronic cigarettes made by VooPoo with the hands-on experience of VAPR. in creating vape liquids that fully satisfy your desire to vape and that at the same time guarantee the highest pharmacological quality for your health.

You choose the flavor and the color!

You can personalize the vaping pack by picking your favorite VAPR. 20ml longfill e-juice and the VooPoo DRAG X Pro kit color that best suits you. We will take care of the rest. You will just have to mix the two liquids, add the nicobooster base, load your ecig and you are ready to start vaping! If you really are in a hurry and can’t resist a few more hours without it, we invite you to order the pack VooPoo x VAPR from our online store.

E-Cig VooPoo Drag X Pro

VooPoo designed this electronic cigarette for all DIY vape lovers. To find out more about VooPoo Drag X Pro Kit properties and technical specifications, visit VAPR. online shop.

VAPR. vape shot: something for every taste

Tobacco, creamy, fruity, icy flavors or pure tobacco distillates.   You will be able to choose your favorite VAPR. longfill vape juice and combine it with VAPR. vegetable glycerin FULL VG. At the end you simply add a 10ml neutral base or a nicobooster base and you get the perfect combination for your health, while satisfying your urge to vape.

basi liquidi svapo 70 30

VAPR. e-liquids’ details

All our e-liquids are available in 60ml chubby Gorilla bottles with 20ml vapeshot ready to be diluted with 30ml of vegetal glycerine and 10ml of neutral base or NicShot. Our vapeshot don’t need any aging time. Bottles are made in plastic and have child proof cap.

VAPR. Vapeshots are sold in a box containing using instructions and products details in: italian, english, spanish, french, german and greek.

High quality products for every kind of vapers

VAPR. e-liquids are created both for MTL vaping style using a 10ml 50VG:50PG neutral base and both for DTL shots using a 10ml 70VG:30PG neutral base, with or without nicotine.

All VAPR products are 100% Made in Italy, Diacetyl free, without any chemical additive or sweetener. They are produced with USP / food grade ingredients and the highest pharmaceutical grade and quality nicotine.