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Discover all our menthol flavours in 25ml format, they will give you a spicy and fresh palate! Perfect for freezing your taste buds with every vape, perfect for your health!

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VAPR. Green Delight aroma scomposto da 20ml

Polar Rollies: an excellence with an ancient tradition!

A flavours we have created using an extremely valuable and ancient product: the Liquorice!

A minty flavour perfect for regenerating mind and body with every vape.

Polar Rollies: Minty Aroma Shot for electronic cigarettes

Polar Rollies is available in 25ml format and, like all our electronic cigarette flavours, is free of additives or chemicals that are bad for your health!

Features of VAPR. Aromas Shot

VAPR. aromas shot are sold in a box with a simple instruction manual, product description and contents in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Greek.

All VAPR. products are 100% Made in Italy, Diacetyl Free, with no chemicals, additives or sweeteners, made only with USP / food grade ingredients and the best nicotine grade and pharmaceutical quality.